Meridian Tapping Techniques

As in acupuncture, EFT meridian tapping points are located on meridians which function as pathways, along which flows the energy of life. Similar to the bloodstream, which carries blood throughout the body, meridians are the pathways along which the subtlest form of life energy flows. In Chinese medicine this energy is called Chi. Any kind of trauma, particularly traumas of childhood, both physical and emotional, can disrupt the flow of this energy system. It can stay out of balance till for many years. Working with EFT meridian tapping points can release blocks and rebalance the flow of energy. .

The human body has many systems, all of which are made up of some kind of energy. Each system can suffer blocks to the flow of movement. It is the flow of these energies that keep us healthy.

  • Veins-Arteries/Blood
  • Heart/Blood and electricity
  • Lymph
  • Lungs/Oxygen
  • Chi/Meridians

Chi is the subtlest form of energy. Unreleased blocks to Chi in the meridian system can affect all the other systems.

There are 14 main channels within the meridian system (most acupuncturists work with more). Each channel is associated with an organ system and a specific emotion. Together these channels form a unified system. Energy flows continuously through the systems, connecting with organs and glands.

Chakras are main energy vortexes. They are our bodies’ main power stations. They supply energy to the meridians, and they radiate out energy beyond the body. There are seven main chakras, each connected to a different endocrine gland. If one of the meridians is in an unbalanced state, it affects the chakra it is connected to. 

EFT Meridian Tapping Points

EFT is a relatively recent healing technique using main meridian tapping points. It focuses on releasing blocks from energy pathways or meridians. The process ofEFT works by calming the nervous system, relieving distressing emotions, unwinding negative belief systems, and ultimately creating a more joyful, fulfilling life. There are several meridian or energy based therapies, in fact the field of energy therapy is literally exploding as more and more people discover how swift, gentle and effective these user friendly techniques are.

There are many older healing methods based on releasing blocked energy in the meridian systems. From Acupuncture to Qi Gong, and Tai Chi, many of them have been effectively been used for thousands of years, with sophisticated diagrams mapping out what now can be proven with EEGs and other modern technology.

With EFT we can “tap into” our own subtle energy system, giving us access to many parts of ourselves and offering a deeper healing to promote longer lasting well-being, ease and joy.

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