Letting Go of Negative Emotions:

When the energy system is disrupted (original trauma) and negative emotions arise, the result is often the creation of limiting beliefs about the world and oneself.  An attempt is made to protect oneself from the original hurt or insult. This attempt can create a block which in turn walls off the ability to respond with a larger perspective. 

Causes underlying current distress, whether physical or emotional, may simply be recent, or they may be older and more deeply rooted. Sometimes feelings that seem to come from nowhere, or that have been creeping up on us have roots in a belief system that began long ago. Long held hidden negative beliefs can generate far reaching consequences in one’s life. They can affect the choices we make(or can’t seem to make) and can be the cause of  limiting or overreaching responses we apply to current circumstances.

These beliefs can be described as a truncated or narrowed perspective of the world. A perspective that can and does limit our openness to new possibilities and growth. They become so embedded that they have become normalized. Though they were originally created to stay safe, our subconscious minds don’t update the data but rather keep the safety warnings on in the background. This sensitizes us to triggering events in our world.  When our minds limit our negative beliefs to protect us, our psyche does not have the ability to delineate from our positive beliefs and potential. Therapy and EFT can help us to update those old beliefs giving us back our sense of empowerment, vision and meaning in our lives. 

Older Core Issues

Negative events are usually far more traumatizing to a child than an adult.  As a child or adolescent, There are far fewer preceding experiences in childhood, and thus each experience is more impactful.  Trauma, whether physical or psychological, lays the foundations  of how we resiliently respond to  later experiences, and whether we view them as .  This is not to say that negative experiences in adulthood aren’t traumatizing. Indeed they can be, and even more so with earlier traumas underlying them.

Because a child has had less experience with which to form a sense of their world, he or she is more impressionable, more vulnerable to trauma. Necessarily, the ratio of experiences are fewer and the ability to rationalize why an unpleasant event occurs is less developed. Bullying by a parent or a peer or the subtle but repetitious ignoring by an authority figure are enormous insults to a child and create deep and long lasting constriction. 

Adulthood events or injuries, physical or psychological, can also be highly traumatic. More recent experiences are often complicated by the limiting beliefs and blocks formed long ago. As with many therapies, EFT clearing effects the permanent change by working with core issues.   Clearing with EFT is  gentle and respectful, meeting the person where they are and never forcing or pushing. 

Though an old held myth, it is NEVER necessary to re-experience past trauma discomfort during the process of clearing.

Simple, Yet Infinitely Complex

It only takes a few minutes to learn the tapping basics.  Start reaping the benefits of this amazing tool. It can change your life! You can begin to learn EFT & other meridian tapping techniques from this website (see tapping points and view video).  It is suggested that you work with an experienced practitioner when working with complex issues.

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