The basic EFT tapping sequence in EFT is an extraordinarily simple tool that can work with current distress, frustration, anger, sadness, fear and anxiety, as well as addressing deeper core issues that may have taken root years ago. (See article on EFT and memory reconsolidation)

The amazing thing about EFT is that it’s much, much faster than psychotherapy alone. It’s highly effective, and its work is permanent. The basic EFTtapping sequence works gently with trauma, because it applies techniques that avoid re-traumatization.

EFT is an acronym that stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. The original format was systematized by Dr. Roger Callahan, after he observed the amazing healing process of one of his clients. Dr. Callahan created a set of tapping algorithms to work with various issues and their manifestations. The original format was called TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

Gary Craig, who studied with Roger Callahan, was taken by the speed and efficacy of the tapping techniques but found the algorithms cumbersome, so he came up with a more user-friendly method of tapping. Rather than memorizing the many permutations of points for various issues, EFT uses the most powerful points on the top half of the body, tapping into all the meridians. Through much empirical evidence and many successes, he coined this user-friendly version, EFT.


EFT’s value is based on the assumption that traumas and their ensuing negative emotions, disrupt the flow in the body’s energy system. The energy system runs along meridians (like blood runs through veins and arteries). The energy that runs through these meridians is called Qi (Chi in Mandarin).

When the flow of energy through these meridians is disrupted due to physical, mental or emotional trauma, belief systems can become affected and even create repetitive false perceptions (negative beliefs) for years to come. What appear to be merely present day issues can often be repeated responses due to blocks caused years ago.

How Do You Apply EFT?

EFT is easy to learn, and gets to the heart of the matter. Whether to a situation at hand, or peeling the layers of deeper, repetitive issues, EFT is adaptable and accessible.

Learning the basic EFT tapping sequence and the points takes only minutes, (see tapping points). Once you acquire the wording of a “set up”, you can begin to work on simple issues for yourself.

As there are meridians mirroring each other on both sides of the body, you will use both hands and tap on both points at once.

Using a “SET UP” phrase, you can address the issue you have chosen, as well as adding in a “POSITIVE AFFIRMATION”.

What is a REVERSAL?

A REVERSAL addresses the subconscious belief that was originally created to keep you safe from perceived danger during a traumatic incident. It basically acknowledges the part that’s not able to let go, to be where you want to be today.


We are not our issues! It is extremely important that we create some room to remember the awe of who we are, or, if we can’t quite feel that, what we’d like to feel.

Why can’t we just use POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS instead of focusing on the negative issue? If there is a strong subconscious charge around holding onto an old belief, it will play a sort of tug-o-war to remind you of its presence. Hence, both parts need to be addressed.

To view working with a simple issue, go to (video) link.

Basic EFTtapping sequence can be used on many issues: emotional, physical, old and new.

Some of the issues you can use EFT with are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Sleep issues
  • Weight loss
  • Repetitive Thoughts
  • Fears
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Improvement of memory and concentration
  • Indecisiveness
  • Much, much more 

EFT works on the same pathways as acupuncture-but without needles!

Choose an Issue

To begin, start with a simple issue, one that began recently and has not been bothering you for years. Perhaps choose a headache, or an annoying incident that happened recently. Note the emotions that come up with the issue you’ve chosen, and if there are corresponding physical sensations or feelings associated with the issue.

For instance, if you are upset about something someone said, notice where the upset or constriction  is in your body (head? stomach? jaw?).

What sorts of emotions? Is it sadness? Anger? Frustration? Or perhaps it’s several emotions at once. This is quite common.

Rate the pain or emotional intensity around your issue. Taken from the common pain scale used in hospitals, this scale can be applied to emotional issues also. On a scale from 0-10, with zero being no distress whatsoever, go ahead and rate your issue. You can write the number down to come back to.

There are 10 main points to tap on. See (EFT Tapping Points Chart) to print out a diagram of the points for handy referral.

Briefly, the points are as follows: See (EFT Tapping Points) for corresponding Acupuncture points

  1. Sides of hand (for “set up”)
  2. Inner Eye
  3. Outer Eye
  4. Under the Eye
  5. Under Nose
  6. Under Lower Lip
  7. Collar Bone
  8. Under Arms
  9. Under Breasts
  10. Inside of Wrists
  11. Top of Head

Set Up on Side of Hand

basic eft tapping sequence

Tap both side of the outer hand together between 3-7 times, saying:

  1. Even though I have this issue,
  2. And I don’t seem to be able to let it go, (reversal)
  3. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” (affirmation)

Repeat this again twice, using the issue you’re working on instead of “this issue”.

Basic EFT Tapping Sequence:

Putting Words To the Issue

Now that you’ve set up your issue, you’ll use all the feelings and emotions you discovered as you focused on the issue and gave it an intensity level.

After the set up, tap 3-7 times with both hands around the rest of the points. You do not need to use the “sore spot”.

When you reach the top of the head, that is one round. Repeat this 2 times(three rounds in all).

basic eft tapping sequence


The following is a sample of what you can say while tapping on each point


Set Up: (Total Three Times)
Sides of Hand: Even though I have a burning stomach-ache and I don’t know how to let it go, I love and accept myself completely.

Rounds:  (Total Three Rounds)
Inner Eye: This burning stomach ache
Outer Eye: It’s right in the middle of my stomach
Under Eye: Feels like a fire in my belly
Under Nose: I’m so frustrated
Under Lip: It won’t go away
Collar Bone: It’s making me feel angry
Under Arm: All this burning
Under Breast: Feels like it’s moving inward
Inner Wrists: This stomach ache
Top of Head: All this ache

After completing three rounds, ask yourself where your pain, or distress level is. Whether up or down, ask yourself, “what has changed?”.  Did you notice any words or thoughts as you were tapping? If so, incorporate them into your next set up and rounds.


Once you have your new intensity number and you begin your second set up (Side of Hand), you will slightly alter the wording to the following:

Set Up: (3 times)

Even though I have this REMAINING stomach ache, I love and accept myself.  (The reversal is no longer needed in the succeeding sets).

Rounds: (2-3 times)

Inner Eye: This remaining stomach ache
Outer Eye: I can feel it changing
Under Eye: I’m feeling more distance from it
Under Nose: It feels like it’s moving to another place
Under Lip: Like it’s dissipating
Collar Bone: I can feel sadness underneath
Under Arm: This remaining stomach ache over sadness
Under Breast: The remaining burning in my belly
Inner Wrists: The sad stomach pain
Top of Head: The remaining stomach ache

Continue with this format until you reach zero.

There are times when deeper core issues may emerge. If you get stuck or feel like you need more support and/or instruction, see page on (EFT Training Workshops). For private sessions go to (Fees).

Whether you want to work on yourself, incorporate this in you’re your private healing practice, or become a trained EFT Practitioner, there is a path for you.



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