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Certified EFT Practitioner

As you believe,
So you behave,
As you behave,
So you become,
As you become,
So becomes your world

Starting Where Your Are


Mindful EFT

What is eft tapping therapy? Mindful EFT is a breakthrough in therapy that focuses on releasing unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs from your life. It is a blend of Eastern and Western therapeutic techniques. Simple and easy to learn, you’ll be amazed at the positive changes you’ll feel in yourself and your life in a very short time.

So what are you waiting for? Start releasing the blocks that inhibit your life generating energy and  emotions and embrace a fuller more meaningful life!

What Is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

Have you seen people in their cars, on the bus or even at the gym, tapping on points around their faces and chest or rolling their eyes? What you are witnessing is a simple and effective healing technique. It releases unwanted emotions, anxiety and fears. It lets go lifelong traumas locked in the body’s energy meridians.  These are the systems through which energy is transported.

What Is EFT Tapping Therapy?

Anyone can learn the procedure in minutes. As soon as you learn the tapping points and the procedure it becomes yours. You can use it at any time and as much as you want. There are no side effects. Only an increased sense of well-being. You will feel fulfillment and joy. So what is EFT tapping therapy? It is a process that allows a wider range of choices and possibilities in your life.

Another great thing about EFT is that sessions can be done over the phone or with a computer. Yes, once you know where the tapping points are (there are fourteen in all) and how to apply them, you no longer need to visit a practitioner at their office to get relief!

If you have headphones, Skype or a speaker-phone, you can have a session with your practitioner from the comfort of your own home wherever you are in the world.

Tap in to a lighter, more joyful and fulfilling life. Discover EFT  for yourself.

Click on the tapping  points button to find a diagram of where to tap.